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Jackson Cox
Jackson Cox

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Appx Bot

this was the 1st hurricane season ever fully recorded on hydro thunder hurricane (thats a game that i play on Xbox 360 but ive only played the demo)1833 Hydro thunder hurricane (Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a game and i play it on the Xbox 360) hurricane seasonSeasonal boundariesFirst storm formedJanuary 3Last storm dissipatedDecember 31Seasonal statisticsStrongest stormBertha - 235 mph, 872 mbTotal depressions32Total storms25Hurricanes13Major hurricanes7Total fatalities12Total damages$6,000,000 billion

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Appx Bot

Today, radar forms an integral part of any weather instrumentation and is used, primarily, to locate precipitation, track it and estimate its type (snow, rain, etc) and intensity. Radar can also be used to forecast precipitation associated with thunderstorms, hurricanes, and winter storms.




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