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Jackson Cox
Jackson Cox

How to Enhance Your Gran Turismo Experience with EPSXE and MCR Files

The current location the memory card is saved. As of version 0.1.4, the save location is lost if the game crashes while in-progress, but will be stored at the location used when the game crashed. If the save state was saved and then the game crashed while the card was still in use, the card will be read from the first location in memory.


Some issues have been reported when saving a save slot without having previous save states. This problem can only occur when entering a save slot that has no data or its not being used. To avoid this issue, this option is enabled by default.

There are 5 save files. The first is for the main device in which case all save files are stored internally. If the user has a memory card reader cartridge, this is a save file. If the user does not have a memory card reader cartridge, there are 4 save files, corresponding to the memory cards the user has (save data.0 to save data.3). If the user has only a bluetooth stick, there are 3 save files, corresponding to the bluetooth stick (save data.0 to save data.2).

The save list will show that the game is unloaded from the memory card and then loaded to the memory card after the save. So it looks like the game won't load the memory card in this situation. It will only load the save file.

I have not solved this, but if the save game files are not opened in a game, then they will be written to the memory card and not the.sav file. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the Cint Files to help you.

Keep in mind that save states also include the state of the memory card; carelessly loading an old save state will OVEWRITE the memory card, potentially resulting in lost saved games. You can set the 'Don't overwrite SaveRAM on loading savestate' option in RetroArch's Saving settings to On to prevent this.




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