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Jackson Cox
Jackson Cox

Judith Mcnaught Can T Take My Eyes Off Of You Free [TOP] Ebook Hit

JM is one of my fav authors. I definitely love her historical romance novels. As to contemporaries, Paradise and Perfect are the best. I am looking forward to her new book (ie. Cant take my eyes of you) which is expected to be released in Dec 2011.

Judith mcnaught can t take my eyes off of you free ebook hit


Thank you for promising to use your considerable clout to do battle with what is an abomination of free enterprise. I have admired you for a long time; my admiration just sent up several notches. I would be glad to write a letter, take part in a boycott, or give any other useful asssistance.

But let me just say, that getting a library to take a chance on a new self published author is extremely difficult. Patrons can request that a library purchase a book or ebook but it is ultimately up to the collections department. 350c69d7ab




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